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Priestley – COVID-19 and Construction Priorities With Euronews

3 years ago Completed priestley construction project and multiple home apartment development

Priestley Group’s chief executive officer, Nathan Priestley, recently spoke with international publication, Euronews, on how the pandemic has changed priorities for construction firms.

Despite a rise in working from home, there is still demand for office space in city centres.

With a wide range of properties available and a change in the property market’s stance, Nathan explained that: “The value of investing in the suburbs is different for various sectors of construction… Lots of commercial space is still being built; many companies will still need offices as we come out of the pandemic and see a future in collaborative workplaces.

“The growth of online retailing during the pandemic has caused a surge in out-of-town industrial developments, specifically warehousing.

“This will create jobs, which will then produce demand for housing in these locations, so developers will naturally respond to that opportunity.”

You can read the full story here:

Priestley Group has a range of properties in its portfolio with a focus on regeneration, and will continue to evolve with the market to breathe new life into historic buildings such as Conditioning House and Cable Street.

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